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Hardwood Sand & Refinish

The hardwood sand and refinish process begins with sanding the existing hardwood floor to remove the old stain, finish, scratches, and imperfections. After sanding, the floor is thoroughly cleaned to remove dust and debris. Next, a new stain or and finish is applied, allowing for customization in color and gloss. Finally, the freshly refinished floor is left to dry and cure, resulting in a revitalized and rejuvenated hardwood surface that looks renewed and polished.

Benefits of Hardwood Sand & Refinish

Hardwood Buff & Wax

The hardwood buff and wax process involves meticulous steps to rejuvenate the flooring’s appearance and protect its surface. Initially, the hardwood is cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt and residue without penetrating into the stain. Next, a buffing machine gently abrades the existing finish to prepare it for wax application. The wax, typically a liquid or paste, is applied evenly across the floor, allowing it to dry and form a protective layer. Finally, the wax is buffed to a polished sheen, resulting in a refreshed appearance that enhances the natural beauty of the hardwood.

Benefits of Hardwood Buff & Wax

Flooring Repair

Flooring repair involves a highly skilled and detailed process to address various issues such as scratches, cracks, warped floors or water damage. Initially, the damaged area is assessed to determine the extent of the problem. Depending on the nature of the damage, repairs may involve patching, replacing damaged sections, or refinishing the affected area.

Benefits of Flooring Repair

Subfloor Repair

First, the damaged area is assessed to determine the extent of the problem. Then, the damaged section is removed, and any underlying issues, such as moisture or structural concerns, are addressed. Next, new subfloor materials are installed and secured properly, ensuring a level and sturdy base for the flooring. Finally, finishing touches like smoothing the surface and applying appropriate sealants or coatings are done to complete the repair process.

Benefits of Subfloor Repair

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Initially, all fixtures, appliances, and existing materials such as cabinets, countertops, tiles, and flooring are removed. This often includes disconnecting plumbing, electricity, and gas lines as necessary. Walls may be stripped down to the studs, which any structural alterations or repairs might be addressed during this phase. Debris and waste are cleared out, preparing the space for renovation or rebuilding according to the new design plans.

Benefits of Kitchen & Bathroom Demo

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